Art Deco Games

After a long hiatus, I’ve been getting back into the Civilization Series. It only took me a few rounds of Civ 5 to fall in love with the updated gameplay, as well as the Art Deco theme.

The futurism and techno-optimism fit perfectly with the message of the game.

Image result for civ 5 art deco

Here is the Rockefeller Center loading-page tribute. The central themes are progress, human ingenuity, and lots of mechanically inspired straight lines. Prometheus presides over the ice-skating rink as the hero, rather than heretic.

Also published by 2K Games is BioShock . The use of Art Deco in the underwater city of Rapture was somewhat more Ayn-Randian and foreboding.

Image result for bioshock art deco


Image result for bioshock rapture art deco

Author: lnemzer

Associate Professor Nova Southeastern University

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